Ryn Licht @rynlicht
08 December, 10:48
The Student Portal is your primary information source. It serves as a conduit for communication between teachers and students and gives each student personalized access to all relevant study materials and information. The greatest learning portal available is provided by UNICCM. https://www.uniccm.com/
Manjeetrana @Manjeetrana
18 October, 05:06
Aneeshvp @Aneeshvp
15 October, 05:27
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12 October, 01:18
khursidaalam @khursidaalam
10 October, 04:22
KailashbenPadhiyar @KailashbenPadhiyar
07 October, 08:18
Devikasheik @Devikasheik
30 September, 04:54
Devikasheik @Devikasheik
30 September, 04:53
Devikasheik @Devikasheik
30 September, 04:52
Devikasheik @Devikasheik
30 September, 04:51
Rakesh Poriya @Rjp
29 September, 12:39
*લેશન ન કરવા બાબતે શિક્ષકે માર મારતાં વિદ્યાર્થીનું મોત:* 6 વર્ષનો વિદ્યાર્થી શાળાની બહાર બેભાન હાલતમાં મળ્યો, ચહેરો સૂજી ગયો હતો
#news #newsupdate #student
earnotech @earnotech
29 September, 05:37
SatishDongre @SatishDongre
28 September, 05:51
Rakesh Poriya @Rjp
27 September, 05:07
*ઘર્ષણ:* વિદ્યાર્થીઓ સાથે ગેરવર્તન મુદ્દે હોબાળો એસટીના ડ્રાઇવર અને કંડકટર સસ્પેન્ડ
#news #newsupdate #student
Pratimatiwari @Pratimatiwari
20 September, 11:23

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